Electric steam engine

Our company has been producing body sleeve machines, steam tunnels, electrical tunnels, safety tape machines, conveyor and automation systems, drying tunnels since 2002.

As Sleeve machines, we provide many label dressing (sleeve machine) construction, installation and support services in Turkey and abroad with our professional staff.


As Sleeve machines, we come to you with new solutions by following the latest technologies with the highest quality materials and most importantly by putting on the work we do every day.


As Sleeve Mak, our machines are registered in accordance with international standards ( you can see our international certificates from the relevant certificates section ) and are used by many international companies. ( You can see the National and international companies using our machines in the References section in relation to this topic.)


As Sleeve Mak, our machines have been used for many years by national and international companies. Our expert staff provides maintenance-service and repair when it is needed.


Since 2002, we are proud to move forward by responding to the needs of our customers in a line that is constantly evolving in line with the wishes of our customers who prefer us today.

Safety Tape Tunnel


Aisi stainless steel construction or black steel construction on request static painted
Tunnel moving up and down according to the length of the product
Rod type resistance
Easily adjustable resistors according to the product
The ability to circulate the hot air inside (energy bill))
Drive feature in conveyors and fans
The tunnel is double-walled and has the ability to maintain heat with insulation material and the ability not to let out heat safety tape electrical Tunnel closed enclosure in CE norms to ensure work safety and environmental cleanliness ( optional) the possibility of 24/7 service to SLEEVE machine products periodic maintenance guarantees customer satisfaction.

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